Congratulations, Christina Motz: University of Scranton Royal!

11011548_1475820526046787_6426101845092165793_oMain Line Mayhem’s Christina Motz has decided to join the University of Scranton Royals!  Learn more about our favorite Defender, below:

When did you start playing field hockey?

“My field hockey career began in fourth grade. I always had a passion for playing field hockey and had a stick in my hand from a young age and have since developed a love for the game!”

What made you choose the University of Scranton?

“I am happy to say that I am officially a Royal!   I cannot wait to spend the next four years of my life at the University of Scranton.  From Scranton’s co-op programs and majors to its athletics and extracurricular activities, everything Scranton has to offer is phenomenal.  Every time I visited with the team I felt right at home, and the campus community was so welcoming and shared an unbelievable school spirit… there are always students dressed in purple supporting their friends at sporting events.  Their academic programs are exactly what I am looking for; I enjoy challenging myself and hope to pursue a career in business and marketing.”

What is your favorite field hockey memory?

“This is a tough question because there are just so many wonderful memories. In high school, I would say my favorite memory would have to be my senior night. I felt as if we were celebrating a culmination of events leading up to that moment. I can’t even put into words what an exciting night that was.”

What will you miss most about playing in high school?

“Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School field hockey will most certainly be missed. High school field hockey memories are memories that will last a lifetime; whether it is jumping into my first GMA varsity field hockey game, chanting “OWN IT” (our team slogan) prior to a game, or slipping on that captain band. It is the little things on and off of the field that I will miss the most- such as pasta parties, team-bonding events, and celebrating after a victory.  Our team has become so close as a unit. The coaching staff does an unbelievable job in motivating us to work our hardest.  Gwynedd field hockey is truly my home and I will most certainly miss them next year.”

What the Mayhem Coaches have to say about  Christina Motz:

“Christina Motz joined Mayhem the first season we opened our doors (#MainlineMayhemOG), and has become one of the smoothest defenders I’ve ever seen.   She is graceful and poised under pressure, and steals the ball off of unsuspecting attackers without flaw.  Not only can we rely on Motz to come-up with game-saving tackles, we can count on her to thread perfectly hit 50-yard passes to our forward line from the backfield.  On a personal note, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Christina unhappy or stressed on the hockey field!  She is a constant source of smiles and positive encouragement for her team whose leadership and team spirit is invaluable.  She will be greatly missed but we look forward to following her undoubtedly illustrious athletic career at the University of Scranton!”  -Coach Alex

The Main Line Field Hockey Club

The Main Line Field Hockey Club (“Mayhem”) is the first field hockey club to offer advanced skills development in the heart of the Main Line of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. MAYHEM is about MORE than just field hockey. It’s about building confidence in young women that will change their lives, and it’s about coaches who are not only experts in their craft but who serve as role models.