Congratulations Ciara Middleton, Susquehanna University

news-01Main Line Mayhem’s first high school graduate has decided to join the Susquehanna University Crusaders. Learn more about our first Mayhem graduate, below:

Playing experience?
“I started playing field hockey 10 years ago through the Fast Flicks program, where my Mom was my very first coach.”

Favorite Field Hockey Moment?
“My favorite moment was probably beating Phoenixville High School, the first game of my senior year. My school does something called “The Route 29 Series” and every fall sport team at Great Valley plays every fall sport team at Phoenixville. For the past 2 years, field hockey has been the only team to lose to them. Our school always wins the trophy overall but we never win all the games because field hockey tends to ruin the streak. This year, we went into overtime and beat them 2-1, it was so exciting and I felt so much pride!! I’ll never forget the feeling of finally beating them.”

What will you miss most about playing in high school?
“I will miss my team so much. I become so close with my team during the season. We know how to laugh and have fun but also be serious and get the job done when we need to. I love every girl on the team and would do anything for them!”

Why Susquehanna University?
“I love the beautiful campus and the majors that they have to offer. I am going into college undecided, so it’s nice to know they have a lot of things I am interested in. I decided to go D3 instead of any other division because I like the idea of going to a smaller school where I will have a closer relationship with my professors and where field hockey will not dictate my academics. I am also very interested in going abroad and that is much more feasible at a D3 school.”

What the MAYHEM coaches have to say about Ciara!
Ciara invested her time, focus, hard work and passion for field hockey with MAYHEM as soon as our doors opened in January 2015.  We were lucky to have gained someone with her experience and leadership ability from the start, as she has proven to be a steady force in our midfield throughout the summer and fall tournament series. We are confident Ciara will thrive at Susquehanna and once again set the example for what hard work and dedication can accomplish on (and off) the field.

Good luck, Ciara!

The Main Line Field Hockey Club

The Main Line Field Hockey Club (“Mayhem”) is the first field hockey club to offer advanced skills development in the heart of the Main Line of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. MAYHEM is about MORE than just field hockey. It’s about building confidence in young women that will change their lives, and it’s about coaches who are not only experts in their craft but who serve as role models.