Mayhem Virtual Training


How it Works…

Our Virtual Program brings the Mayhem to you! Athletes can train whenever, wherever with the help of Mayhem Coaches. This 5-Week structured program guides athletes through independent training to help them perfect their fundamentals and introduce them to advanced skills.

Program Features: Click Here for Preview Video

  • Easy to Follow 5-Week Curriculum with 3 Trainings Per Week.
  • Each Training is Structured by Theme.
  • Examples: Pulls, 3-D Ball Control, Dribbling, Reverse Passing
  • Private Access to Online Video Library
  • Prerecorded Instructional Videos that feature Voice Over Coaching From Mayhem Coaches and demos from Mayhem Senior Athletes.
  • Printable Training Sheets
  • Access to Training Feedback from Mayhem Coaches ( 5 email exchanges).

What You Need:

  • Access to Internet (phone, tablet, computer)
  • Field Hockey Stick
  • Field Hockey Balls or Tennis Balls
  • Driveway, garage, culti-sac, patio/deck, or an 8×10 indoor area conducive to stickwork, receptions and hitting.
  • Passing Tool (hard surf or object to push the ball against)

No Registration Deadline – Register and begin at your convenience!

Designed for ALL ages and Skill Levels

*Programming Information will be sent to the registered email address within 48 hours of registration.

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